Updated Classic Kitchen Design

Out with the old and in with the new? Not really. The year 2020 is all about combining the best of classic and modern approaches to create the best kitchens in Karachi. Those who have been unable to decide on a final plan to this argument can relax now. It is perfectly reasonable to celebrate the extravagance of the old days while keepings things practical for everyday chores. Kitchens manufacturers in Karachi have risen to the challenge with an array of high quality products that will bring great impact to your interior décor.


Remember when everyone wanted their kitchen to look straight out of a king’s palace? There was plenty of metallic embellishment and often unnecessary elements that made cleaning and regular function tough. You may remove the tough part and include gold, copper, bronze or brass to add warmth and glamour to your kitchen. Look for suitable cabinet doors, door linings and lighting choices in kitchen shops in Karachi.


Despite the influx of bright colours in kitchen design during recent years, the neutral palette has remained the safest and most popular option. This is a great way to keep it minimal during the renovation of kitchen in Karachi. Plain white and wood finishes are excellent in this regard and give you the freedom to spice things up later. Think fewer curves and more basic angles that represent practicality.   

Cozy moods

The modern take on kitchen design has industrial elements and a colder feel in comparison to the royal untouchable vibe of older styles. In order to maintain an inviting appearance stay away from extremity in neutrals. Go for a cream shade over basic white and limit the use of black. Warm toned wooden finishes are perfect to achieve a cozy kitchen. Cool or neutral tones bring severity and contemporary moods.   


An extension of minimalism sporting clean countertops is all the rage these days. When synced with smart storage ideas this is among the most prominent features of kitchen design in 2020. Even with all the classic elements your clutter-free kitchen will exude a modern feel without appearing dominant. This is ideal for small kitchens where the lack of storage space can be a real headache.   

Eccentric vibe

Those who love standing out from the crowd will not hesitate to add quirky touches thanks to the best kitchen companies in Karachi. There are some interesting concepts such as extensions of countertops and islands left hanging in the air. The look cool and increase functionality by offering space for meals with a seating arrangement.  

Classic palette

When you are selecting colours for your kitchen, don’t just stick to neutrals because that wasn’t always the case with the classic style. Think back to those fun and flashy vintage kitchen designs that blended two or three colours for a unique touch. Shop for kitchen supplies in Karachi that allow you to achieve this feel through hosiery, furniture, crockery and other accessories. You don’t necessarily have to paint your cabinets a baby blue or salmon for this purpose.

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