Understated Gray Shades in Kitchen Hardware

Winter is in full swing with frequent rainfall in the plains and snowfall in the mountains. The people of Karachi are relieved because of the cool breeze as well. Does the weather reflect the mood in the renovation of kitchen in Karachi? Apparently, the answer is yes! The seasons are a major source of inspiration particularly due to practical considerations when it comes to designing the best kitchens in Karachi. While we have had some lovely sunny days this winter, it’s often cloudy all over the country. What does that remind you of? Grays!

Gunmetal and pewter are the foremost shades in design trends this season according to the leading kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. Now, everyone has different ways of describing shades of gray but there are loose definitions. Gunmetal undoubtedly possesses a higher shine than pewter imparting a sophisticated touch to that space. On the other hand, pewter reflects a more humble approach as it lacks the characteristic shine of gunmetal. It is also known that pewter appears darker than gunmetal for this reason.    

Many amateurs are hesitant to use grays in their homes because it is believed that grays will tone down the mood of their interior design. It is true that gray is a cool toned as compared to red, for instance, but it offers a wide variety of tones, finishes and depths. In fact, owing to the difference in tones, the best kitchen companies in Karachi recommend the incorporation of grays to accomplish high contrast between metals. There are times when your kitchen is filled with gold, bronze and copper. This may seem over the top if you don’t have professional capabilities. Instead of making it look like you are trying too hard, you could replace some of these elements with pewter or gunmetal. For example, if you have copper pots hanging over your countertop, you could select gunmetal for your sink. This suggestion applies to any metallic element in your stove, cabinets, lighting, countertops, etc.  

As you already aware, hardware with aesthetics of gold or brass makes a major statement. They are warm toned and shiny which means that they instantly capture the eye when you walk into that area. You can say that such warm toned metals used in lighting, cabinet handles, stoves, ovens and sinks become the focal points. When they blend together, it looks cohesive and beautiful. However, it can present a challenge with regards to the rest of your layout. If you want to remove the focus from these metallic objects try looking for gunmetal or pewter at popular kitchen shops in Karachi. This allows you to get creative with the rest of your kitchen design without worrying about metallic elements stealing focus.

Grays offer a more neutral ambiance for you to experiment with colors in kitchen design. They never clash with any shades. In fact, they usually complement them just like white or black. While black hardware makes a statement, gray hardware supports the rest of the design without losing its aesthetic integrity. Next time you go shopping for kitchen supplies in Karachi, think about the replacements you could accomplish with gunmetal or pewter hardware for a more balanced look.

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