Trend Alert 2020: Marble Kitchen Countertops

Lately, there has been a shift towards a more natural ambiance while maintaining a modern vibe. There are elite kitchen designers who have included potted plants and attached outdoor gardens in the best kitchens in Karachi in line with this trend. Meanwhile, others have chosen to go a different route by opting for materials found in nature. There are affordable ways to add this natural touch to your home décor but those going for a luxurious feel often select marble to achieve this effect. Those who want the look of marble but don’t want to go over budget may consider the alternate suggestions from kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. These are much cheaper and come in a greater variety being synthetic and not restricted by the true composition of marble.

This does not mean that the real deal will not fit your budget or that actual marble is very limited when it comes to colour. The beauty of pure marble cannot be fully replicated by anything manmade so it is well worth the hefty price tag it comes with among the kitchen supplies in Karachi. There are some ways in which you can maximize your investment in marble. It is particularly beautiful for kitchen countertops and gives a cozy appearance to any home. The best kitchen companies in Karachi have some amazing options for those who want to add marble to their final design.

Proper maintenance

Before you go ahead and pick a variety of marble there are some important considerations to mull over. Just like other natural materials used in the renovation of kitchen in Karachi marble also demands some tender loving care to look its best. You must get your marble countertop sealed annually by professionals. This creates a protective layer over the stone and allows you to remain tension-free throughout the year. Besides, simply clean it with soapy water on a regular basis. 

High impact design

If possible hire an experienced kitchen designer to decide how you may manage a major transformation to your space using marble. Those with small kitchens will probably have an easier time deciding where to add a marble countertop and which colour would fit their theme perfectly. People with bigger kitchens could build a small island in the middle with a marble countertop and a light source above it.

Great versatility

Despite the nature of the stone, marble comes in a number of lovely neutral shades that would look amazing in any kitchen. You will find the best quality marble at popular kitchen shops in Karachi. The salesperson will show you varieties including beige, white, black and gray marble. This allows you to add marble countertops in any theme and not disturb the rest of the elements during renovation.  

Cooking benefits  

Natural stones like marble tend to stain easily due to their porous property but they are wonderful for baking and making dough for different recipes. You will enjoy rolling out dough for cookies and pastries that you may bake with your children. Cake decoration and getting pizzas ready for the oven is also convenient on marble countertops.

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