Trend Alert 2019: Jewel-toned Cabinets

Have you been sighing over the beauty of the best kitchens in Karachi? Now, you can make yours look stylish with one easy change: jewel-toned cabinets. Cabinets are the most prominent feature of any kitchen so this simple switching of colours will make a huge impact. There are some colours that replace black, white, grey and brown quite well.    

Rich plum

A few years ago, burgundy became the most popular colour for winter and it has retained its top spot in every winter trend. In order to bring variety to the plain burgundy, subtle differences were added to create an entire palette of colours inspired by plums, purples and berries. Plum is like the dark version of pink or red making it a lively colour for your kitchen cabinets. In addition, it gives off a warm cozy vibe that prevents your interior from looking severe. Plum is a vibrant and versatile colour that goes along with others that you may already have in your kitchen design. There are tons of finishes, materials and designs available for plum cabinets at the kitchen shops in Karachi. This colour will bring a royal touch to your humble kitchen and help you stay in style. 


One of the best ways to bring a refreshing feel to your kitchen design is opting for green in your overall theme. Many people like having potted plants around to keep the air clean and add a natural ambiance to their interior. However, the maintenance of plants can be tough and your busy routine can actually kill your precious plants. If you are worried about dirt falling here and there or your child sticking their hands in the plant pots look for emerald green cabinets from the best kitchen companies in Karachi. Why should you choose emerald green over other shades of green? Well, this shade gives off an air of sophistication while keeping a fresh look. Any colour associated with jewels generally makes your interior appear expensive and chic. Emerald is also dark enough to hide any scratches or stains that develop by accident. 


In honour of the gorgeous ocean, the renovation of kitchen in Karachi often includes shades of blue. That is a smart move but selecting the tone and depth of that shade can be difficult. Even if you decide to sell your house later on, blue is one of the favourite shades universally. Navy blue is the best option next to black according to the kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. It is refreshing yet chic and blends well with a neutral palette. It is easy to find appliances and backsplashes in shades of blue to match your cabinets if you wish. Navy blue cabinets may be the key feature in two-toned kitchens that are trendy these days. Pair them up with some warm wooden floors to create a more welcoming appearance.    

While it is important to maintain balance, you may search for kitchen supplies in Karachi in these colours that can tie the whole look together.

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