Pops of Colour in Kitchen Design 2020

Break the monotony of repetitive monochromatic colour schemes this year by adding pops of colour here and there that bring your interior design to life. This is one of the hottest kitchen design trends in 2020 reveal kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. Why play it safe when you can express your personality and mood with a myriad of exciting colours? After all, it is your home and it should represent you. Don’t be scared of bold shades and bright themes because there are always ways to make it work as you have seen in the best kitchens in Karachi.

How many is too many?

No doubt Pakistani culture is filled with all the colours of the rainbow and promotes diverse styles across the four provinces. However, there is a limit to these colour schemes of you study them carefully. For instance, Multan is famous for intricate art in shades of purple and blue blooming over a white background. Sindh is renowned for its “ajrak” patterns sporting hues of red, black and white. The people of Balochistan love deep jewel tones and rare splashes of bright colours combined with mirror work. Travelling through KPK you will spot clothes in a multitude of bright hues and rich embroidery. Don’t mix more than two or three non-neutral shades during your renovation of kitchen in Karachi.    

Sensible organization of shades

Even when you have selected two colours to add excitement to your neutral kitchen design things can go wrong quickly due to incorrect placement. There needs to be space between the areas with pops of colours. This is why neutral elements from popular kitchen shops in Karachi are crucial to making such a kitchen look balanced. For instance, having blue cabinets running the length of your kitchen is only going to work if other areas are mostly toned down. Moreover, it is important to tie the whole look together using kitchen supplies in Karachi that are spaced on opposite ends of the room.

Celebrate complementary colours

Study the colour wheel to understand which shades make each other stand out the most. For instance, copper and blue is a winning combination just like eggplant and emerald. Primary shades definitely look funky when mixed together but you have to limit their usage and have a prominently neutral kitchen otherwise. You could introduce fun to an all white kitchen with pops of red and yellow through appliances, furniture, curtains, etc. Primary colours also add great appeal to a kitchen dominated by black or wooden hues.    

Select the perfect mood for you

Before you start shopping for a renovation there should be a plan based on your budget, requirements and central theme. What kind of vibe do you want your kitchen to give off? A chic and contemporary kitchen design is trending but classic styles never go out of fashion. Eco-friendly kitchens with soothing natural elements are in. It is always great entering a warm cozy kitchen that makes you feel right at home. Check out products form the best kitchen companies in Karachi for more inspiration.

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