Patina Trend in Kitchens of karachi 2018

Heading into a cozy winter, are you considering the renovation of kitchen in Karachi? One of the most charming trends this season is patina. While people are doing everything they can to prevent aging, that’s not the case with interior design. The results of aging on wood and metal can turn out to be quite beautiful. This is a fact you may easily incorporate into your kitchen design. It becomes easy to transform a modern kitchen into one that respects traditional elements by adding patina.

Kitchens manufacturers in Karachi have commented on people’s inclination to return to the old days in recent years. Apparently, patina and antique elements have become nearly as popular as the putting eco-friendly environmental touches to your home. While green technology often gives off a modern vibe, patina showcases the grace of age whether it was achieved through a deliberate or natural process. The Statue of Liberty is a prime example of the impact patina can have on metallic surfaces.

Wondering how patina is created? We learned about this fascinating process from experts belonging to the best kitchen companies in Karachi. Timber ages with rubbing, waxing and exposure to the natural elements especially the sun. As you are aware, mahogany is famous for its brilliant reddish hues. However, patina causes its original colour to fade into gentle shades of gold, grey and brown. On the other hand, the cool tones in oak can turn warm and rich due to patina. There are also darker patches of colour wherever the wood bends and at the corners. It’s quite an interesting twist, right?

Next time you go shopping for kitchen supplies in Karachi look in the antique section for metal patinas in decoration pieces and products created for metallic accents. Metal patinas differ from wood patinas in color and composition. The thin surface of metal salts formed on the surface of copper and bronze consist of sulphides, sulphates, oxides and carbonates. Copper chlorides are green while copper sulphates are brown. So, experts who create patinas have to select reactants that produce these exact salts in order to get the result that they desire.

Luckily, there are several reliable kitchen shops in Karachi selling decorative and practical kitchen items with patina at affordable prices. If you were planning on cleaning old pots and pans, why not abandon that idea and proudly display the patina? You may install hooks against walls so you may be able to hang them. This won’t take up any space on your countertop and will free up storage in your cabinets. Same goes for ladles and antique vases that have been handed down generation after generation.

Besides pots, pans, vases and decorative plates, you can also consider adding patina handles for your drawers and cabinets. Choose ornate styles for an elegant effect that matches the rest of your layout. If you’re still unsure about where and how to add patina, browse photos of the best kitchens in Karachi created by famous interior designers in the country. You’ll be able to see exactly how they have managed to create an old charm using just patina.





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