Kitchen Design Process

While you’re dreaming of your ideal kitchen, we’re making sure it becomes a reality. Our 12-step kitchen design process ensures we don’t leave any stone unturned.

Kitchen Design Process

Kitchen Design Process

Step 1: Identify Your Needs

Our designer meets with you to identify your needs, preferences and priorities.

If you are a couple, it is vital that our designer meets with both partners to clearly understand everyone’s point of view. This is very important in our kitchen design process as we need to ensure that your kitchen is designed to suit you both.

Step 2: Develop Concept

Together, we develop a concept that meets your needs. We use our professional knowledge and skills to ensure that we achieve the desired result for you.

Step 3: Finalize Design Concept

Visit our showrooms for a second appointment to finalize the design concept in our kitchen design process, and add any optional features to make life easier. Choose colors, surfaces, materials and finishes to complete the project specifications while everything is fresh in everyone’s minds – a very important aspect of this visit.

Step 4: Organization in our Kitchen Design Process

We organize all of the trades people required for your project in our kitchen design process. This may include structural alterations, electrical, plumbing, plastering, stone bench-tops and splash-backs.

Step 5: Comprehensive Plans

We prepare comprehensive plans and specifications to enable you to fully visualize your project concept. Then we produce a detailed project costing for your approval.

Step 6: Project Summary

We are then ready for manufacture and present you with a complete project summary, including the proposed installation schedule.

Step 7: Measure Twice, Cut Once!

We review all technical details, including check measuring of the site, just to be certain that everything is 100{d613ce4268ec540c864a63784ea024d90da6490284e3b9a163ade2b08964fab0} accurate. (This is the classic carpenter’s rule: “Measure twice, cut once!”)

Step 8: Manufacturing Cabinetry

Manufacture of your cabinetry then begins. Delivery of your appliances and other items to the factory is now required.

Step 9: Site Preparation

The site is prepared, including structural alterations (if any), stripping out of the old kitchen and preparation of plumbing and electrical work. At this stage any unforeseen problems such as leaks, dampness, rotten floors or faulty wiring will be found and brought to your attention. This ensures that your home remains safe and sound.

Step 10: Kitchen Installation

We install your new kitchen at this step of kitchen design process – including cabinetry, appliances, sinks and taps and complete any plumbing and electrical work. Final adjustments to door hinges and drawer runners are made. Then a thorough clean up completes the installation process.

Note: Timing of installation will vary depending on the scope of the project.

Step 11: Final Inspection

After a final inspection to ensure everything is finished we hand over your dream kitchen to you!

Step 12: Re-Visit

You will be contacted within three months after handover, to ensure that everything is as it should be. If necessary, appropriate action will be taken to rectify any problems.