Karachi’s Kitchen Design Trends Staying in 2019

Good news for the thrifty folks of Pakistan! You don’t haveto spend tens of thousands of Rupees on the renovation of kitchen in Karachifor 2019. Why? Apparently, some trends had such a high impact of the interiordesign scene in 2018 that they are going to be staying with us through 2019 aswell. 

Matte black

It seems like black is never going out of fashion and neither is the matte finish. Together, they make a powerful combination whose popularity kitchens manufacturers in Karachi cannot deny. Matte finish was a blessing in modern kitchens since shiny surfaces can get quite uncomfortable in hot climates. While black may create the impression of less space, it has the potential to level up your amateur kitchen by several grades. When used in moderation, matte black surfaces and appliances offer tempting benefits for all kinds of kitchens.    

Pedant lighting

People who are working on a budget tend to keep lighting shopping for last. However, carefully selected lighting has the ability to totally transform your humble kitchen. There are many styles of pendant lighting seen in the best kitchens in Karachi. At the same time, smaller kitchens may not suit pendant lighting. It simply takes up vertical space leading to a feeling of congestion. If you can spare some space, you can make pendant lighting the main focus of your design.    

Blending eras

The classics will follow us into 2019 as always. There has rarely been a time when a trend has overtaken the classical elements completely. Rising taxes have made kitchen supplies in Karachi hard to afford for the common man. If you desire a fresh look, you can keep the classical points and jazz up the ambiance with a modern twist. Buying new appliances are a good way to accomplish that since they require replacement every now and then and have great practical usage as well.


Thanks to the tireless work of environmentalists, there has been a noticeable shift towards green products as the best kitchen companies in Karachi report. In 2019, this trend is expected to grow with the increasing innovation in home technology. Energy efficiency remains one of the top goals so related technologies are being incorporated into building materials and electrical appliances generally present in kitchens. It is recommended that people educate themselves more on this subject to contribute to this cause more.  

Seamless integration

Bulky objects only add to the feeling of congestion in any space. Therefore, 2018 was the year most people abandoned them. Fast forwarding to 2019, most kitchen shops in Karachi will follow this popular trend and offer better alternatives. Appliance units are expected to be multifunctional and use up a lot less energy. Space is of course a major concern so they are designed to take up as little space as possible. They possess considerably less visibility offering a seamless appearance to your kitchen.   

This means that you can save a lot of money during this season’s kitchen renovation! The rules are not as strict as before so feel free to experiment with textures and colors.

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