How to Protect your Kitchen in karachi from Mold

Winter is here and the threat of mold has increased. The top questions asked from kitchens manufacturers in Karachi these days revolved around mold prevention products. Therefore, here are some of the best tips and tricks that will allow you to protect your kitchen from mold growth.

Check for condensation

When humidity levels rise there are telltale signs that can alert you that you are entering the danger zone which is ideal for mold growth. It’s not that cold in the city so you may easily find mold growing on kitchen supplies in Karachi. Look towards your windows every once in a while to check whether there is any condensation present. If so, you will need to air out your kitchen and switch off any humidifiers.

Water stains on walls

Leaking pipes are a major culprit when it comes to mold growth. A pipe that is not fixed on time or poorly repaired allows water and moisture to accumulate in a certain area. Since Pakistan homes are often built with a similar layout on the ground floor and the first floor, wall stains in kitchens are not uncommon. The kitchen upstairs could have a leaking pipe that is creating a wall stain on the ceiling of the kitchen downstairs.

Quickly wipe surfaces

Be careful especially with the area around the sink or when you are washing dishes. There can be pools of water created due to uneven countertops. For instance, if your countertop has a slope that lets water accumulate near the wall, it’s a recipe for disaster. You can easily find high quality drying cloths and wipes from kitchen shops in Karachi. Remember to wash and dry these wiping cloths regularly as well.

Proper ventilation system

Those who are planning the renovation of kitchen in Karachi during winter should review their ventilation system. Small kitchens are more prone to mold growth as are kitchens which are not located at the perimeter of the building’s layout. Those who don’t have much choice could opt for larger windows, automatic hoods, open design or adding a door to improve ventilation. Try to keep your windows and doors open as much as possible to let fresh air and sunlight in.

Mold inhibitors for paints

Besides additives, you may also choose paint formulas that are more resistant to mold. Paints that contain a higher proportion of organic material such as oil might not be the best choice. Latex paints are recommended by the best kitchen companies in Karachi and glossy finish is suggested over matte finish. Paints that contain zinc oxide rather than titanium dioxide are also well known as mold resistant products.

Monitor humidity levels

There can be no prevention without monitoring so the best kitchens in Karachi encourage the use of hygrometers to constantly check the level of humidity. You can buy small, light weight and wall-mounted hygrometers which don’t take up much space or demand high maintenance. Experts say that the humidity levels are acceptable between 30%-60%. Over this limit, you must be alert towards the growth of mold.



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