How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger?

One of the most common requests that kitchens manufacturers in Karachi hear from homeowners is to provide ideas to make their kitchens appear larger than they are. Property is expensive and the economic crisis has everyone shaking their heads. There no magic trick to make this happen but minor optical illusions can help with that. Some considerations are meant to be made before the renovation of kitchen in Karachi. So, pay close attention the different ways that your kitchen can be made to look bigger.

 Dropped floor

As we all know, flat surfaces don’t do much for creating changes in a space especially if you are moving from one room to another. You don’t need to create an entire staircase rather you just have to add a few steps at your kitchen’s entrance. It is not wise to add a door of course. You don’t want people tripping on the steps and falling flat on their faces. When a person enters into your kitchen from the adjoining room they will sense that they are entering into a different space altogether since they will be walking down into your kitchen.

Large windows

A major highlight of the best kitchens in Karachi is that you will never feel claustrophobic in them. Building large windows is practical for several reasons. If you have a garden or a pleasant view outside, you will be able to enjoy it while preparing meals. Depending on the size of the windows, it can seem like the space outside is part of your kitchen. You can even think about installing sliding glass doors that lead to your yard or garden. They will flood in light making your kitchen seem larger.

Open kitchen plan

Find inspiration from the best kitchen companies in Karachi for designing a fantastic open kitchen for your home. This is an excellent decision if you have a small space in your kitchen that’s not well-ventilated despite installing chimneys. A great perk of an open kitchen plan is the presence of your dining room right next to it. It’s easy to carry dishes to and from your kitchen. You can make it look stylish and merge the themes to give the appearance of a brighter space.

Light color palette

It’s common knowledge that dark colors make spaces look small while lighter colors make them look wider. You don’t have to restrict yourself to just neutral shades. There’s a lot of fun to be had with softer colors like pastels. It’s easy to mix them up with neutrals or even pair them up with bold shades. For instance, tan and red go well together. Since darker colors must not be the main focus, you may use them sparingly such as for appliances you buy from reliable kitchen shops in Karachi.

Compact elements

When searching for suitable kitchen supplies in Karachi, always remember to choose smaller accessories for your tiny kitchen. This doesn’t mean that everything has to be miniature rather there must be a balance. You cannot put up a big chandelier in a small kitchen. Instead of big stoves, go for smaller ones with ovens to save you from buying a microwave separately. Alternatively, you could install an oven alongside your cabinets and use the space below your stove for storage.


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