How to Clean Stone Surfaces in Kitchens

There has been a shift towards natural stone and green building materials reported by famous kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. Although it is an international kitchen design trend for 2019, Pakistan was quick to catch up with it. That’s not surprising since natural stone tends to work well with long summer months in countries near the equator. You may incorporate building materials based on natural stone in your countertops, backsplashes and floors. 


Check for condensation

While you may have seen natural stone looking incredible in the best kitchens in Karachi, it doesn’t come with easy maintenance. People investing in natural stone must keep in mind the demands of such a material before buying it.  


There has hardly been an era in the kitchen design history of Pakistan when concrete hasn’t been popular for the renovation of kitchen in Karachi. You must avoid exposing concrete surfaces to acids and hard water. Using a dilute solution of dish washing liquid should do the trick for daily cleaning. Regular resealing is necessary and any deposits require professional intervention. 


You’ll learn from popular kitchen shops in Karachi that granite is a favorite material for countertops. The daily cleaning it needs is similar to that of concrete. Use a soft cloth and avoid acids that can make it dull. It’s best to not use it as a cutting surface and not drag things on granite surfaces because it’s easy to scratch.


Perhaps the most sensitive and delicate of all natural stone surfaces, limestone demands plenty of care but it looks amazing. Just like granite and concrete, stay away from acidic cleaners while maintaining limestone. Use a soft washcloth dipped in dilute dish washing detergent solution. Like granite, limestone can get scratched with scrubbing tools. It can also get burnt or stained quickly so the sealant has to be powerful.  


Who doesn’t love a luxurious marble countertop from the best kitchen companies in Karachi? We know we do! Sealing doesn’t stop stains and scratches from popping up so marble requires tender loving care to retain its beauty. Every three to six months, you must get your marble countertop resealed to have a strong layer between the marble and any harmful substances.   


One of the most loved kitchen building materials is quartz because it’s versatility and color diversity. Out of the stone sold among kitchen supplies in Karachi, this is the most durable and needs no resealing. Although quartz is not sensitive towards acid or scratches, it can fade with heat or sunlight. Still it’s important to use a soft cleaning cloth.


You might choose soapstone as a long term investment for your kitchen. It doesn’t get stained that easily because it’s not that porous. Heat doesn’t affect it like other natural stone and you can put hot pans on top of it. Unfortunately, it is soft and can get chipped readily from impact. You may use any regular kitchen cleaner on a daily basis but avoid abrasive sponges since it can get scratched by them.    

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