How to Change Your Kitchen Décor for Autumn

It’s that dry yet crisp time of the year. With Halloween right around the corner, autumn is officially here! Kitchens manufacturers in Karachi are all geared up to welcome the cool winds and cozy colors. Are you ready? Don’t worry. By the time you’re finished reading this, you will have a dozen ideas buzzing around in your head.

Spice up your shelves with color

Open shelving is the best design to display the colors of autumn in your kitchen. In case you don’t have open shelving or glass cabinets, you can consider portable little shelves for your countertop. These could come in handy for storing spice jars, mugs, glasses, etc. Kitchen shops in Karachi are filled with bright colored utensils, dinnerware and tea sets that are just perfect for this season. You might already have some in your home. Dust them off and make them part of your décor.

Add some fall-themed decoration

There are several places in your kitchen where you may display decoration pieces such as your island, table and countertops. These don’t have to be expensive at all and you can easily incorporate things lying around your house unused. You can spray paint an older vase to make it suitable for autumn. Bright fiery dry leaves would look amazing in a clear jar. You could add some pretty lights as well. Dry decoration is perfect for this season but remember to stick to warm cozy hues.

Bring in autumn-colored candles

There’s no need to even look into kitchen supplies in Karachi for this handy little tip. Candles can be bought from anywhere and even be made by hand. You may choose any design you like but for color try to go for shades like pumpkin and rust. However, you will need to find an appropriate candle holder if you haven’t already got one. Again, think of gold and bronze instead of cool toned silver. You can go for black too but it’s best to go for a low contrast palette for autumn.

Switch to warm toned lighting

We don’t have a tradition of building fireplaces in our kitchens due to our country’s climate. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on creating a homey welcoming vibe. Lighting is the ultimate tool for accomplishing this. There are hundreds of beautiful lighting options from the best kitchen companies in Karachi that fit this theme. Whether you select a modern or rustic design, it’s important to choose warm toned bulbs. You can conveniently replace the bulbs in your existing holders if you want to save money.

Darker warmer wood polish

Not everyone needs to re-polish their kitchen cabinets and tables every time the season changes. This option suits homeowners who want to change their theme into a warmer one during the renovation of kitchen in Karachi. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new table or replacing your wooden countertop, this is a good opportunity to welcome autumn. You may simply polish your chairs/ stools and table. Add cushions in fall colors for an extra oomph!



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