Heat Resistance of Quartz Countertops

Breezing into 2019, natural stone remains a hot trend for renovation of kitchen in Karachi especially as a versatile material for countertops. However, can natural stone take the heat? We have granite, marble, quartz, etc. each with its own unique properties and advantages. Before you go browsing kitchen shops in Karachi to find suitable countertop materials, check how well that natural stone resists heat.

The key to unlocking this answer lies in the composition of natural stone varieties. Quartz is a terrific option if you are looking for a material that offers a wide range of colors. This is because all the bits and pieces of stone in quartz are joined together by a resin. Consider a bar of praline that has nuts and caramel. It is made by tossing roasted nuts in thick caramel syrup. Then it is cooled down in the form of sheets which are later broken down and added to desserts. What if you took a piece of praline and heated it? The sugar would melt and get burned. The entire thing would fall apart! The same logic applies to quartz. Think of the resin in quartz as the caramel inside a bar of praline.

While quartz is relatively affordable than other natural stone countertops according to the kitchens manufacturers in Karachi, its maintenance should never be taken lightly. A major benefit of quartz is that is does not require sealing like granite, for instance. You can save money in sealing processes this way. However, unlike granite, quartz will not be able to handle extreme heat. You don’t have to worry about putting hot mugs on your quartz countertop or dishes that you are pouring curries into. The level of heat that damages a quartz surface is that of a hot pan you are just taking off the stove. All those beautiful quartz countertops you have seen in the     best kitchens in Karachi? They have never been exposed to a sizzling pot of soup!  

This means that the ultimate defense that quartz countertops have against heat is prevention. It is all in your hands! Since they are so easy to clean to a soap and water, you should return the favor by not burning them. The best kitchen companies in Karachi have some durable materials which you may purchase as a buffer between a hot pan and your lovely quartz countertop. That pretty shade you matched with your cabinets? Yes, that will be gone if you keep exposing your quartz countertop to this kind of heat. Be mindful of taking dishes and pans out of the oven and placing them right on your countertop. If it’s the general cooking temperature, you may assume that it is not suitable for quartz surfaces. Nowadays, kitchen accessory designers are producing many creative products that you can find among popular kitchen supplies in Karachi. Take advantage of them and keep a heat buffer near your stove or oven at all times. Even if you are a responsible person, one has to take precautions in case of accidents.  

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