Fading Trend of Granite in Kitchens 2019

Lately, there has been a rise in the use of natural materials or their lookalikes as reported by popular kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. It may come as a surprise to you but the trend of granite countertops has been dwindling down in recent months. People are more interested in lighter cheaper materials that are easier to mold to their liking and blend into existing color schemes. There are several reasons why granite has been overshadowed by alternatives that are steeply gaining ground in the market. Let us take a look at the disadvantages of granite as explained by the best kitchen companies in Karachi.


Color restrictions

While neutrals will always remain in vogue, there has been a shift towards bolder brighter colors or soft pastels as displayed in the best kitchens in Karachi. Unfortunately, granite does not offer a wide range of options when it comes to color. Therefore, granite may be a great fit for classic kitchens that showcase the beauty of natural textures, patterns and colors. At the same time, granite may be used to balance out the brighter aspects of a kitchen. Still, this may not be a simple feat for amateurs. Granite is already pretty expensive and difficult to install. Depending on the composition of each natural source, granite shades can differ causing non-uniformity which many dislike.   

Uneven surfaces

Man cannot control processes such as rock formation so it is clear that we have no authority over what granite will look or feel like. Before you begin the renovation of kitchen in Karachi with granite you might want to change your plans. Natural stone has fissures so any granite that is absent of this characteristic is probably an imitation. Manifesting as lines of color, they are considered to be part of the natural charm of granite. In addition, there may also be cracks which are dangerous. Any crack in natural stone is a cause for concern since it is a weak spot. These are visible from every angle and can get worse overtime.   

Maintenance issues

When people shop for kitchen supplies in Karachi, they notice huge price gaps in the cost of granite. There is an important determinant for this difference which you must be aware of if you have decided to install granite in your kitchen. All natural stone is porous since there is no way of perfecting its bulk by filling in these tiny holes. The lower the price of granite, the more porous its nature. Never buy granite that looks shiny or waxy because of some of sort of sealing substance on it. This can easily get scratched by a metal object. All types of granite need to be regularly sealed to avoid any possible damage. 

The falling popularity of granite does not mean that it is not commonly available in kitchen shops in Karachi. You can definitely buy high quality granite if your budget allows it. Just make sure that you are aware of the tricks of sellers and know how to spot the real thing.

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