Double Island Kitchens for Large Families

It’s the perfect weather for extensive renovation of kitchen in Karachi with the cool breeze providing relief from the hot sun that stays bright all year round making construction difficult. Many people are enjoying weddings within their families that give them the perfect opportunity to change up a few things in their kitchens. Those who need to make room for a larger family in the future will definitely benefit from having a double island setup in their home. The leading kitchens manufacturers in Karachi have pointed out this fast growing trend in the country’s home design in 2020. There are several advantages of double islands for Pakistanis especially those living in joint setup.


The primary concept of the best kitchens in Karachi is that they have multipurpose areas with smart storage. Islands give you the freedom to decide what you require that space for. A nicely concealed waste bin may also be included. You could insert a sink, stove, countertop or serving area as per your needs. It is convenient to have double islands where all these spaces are close together. This saves your time and energy during meal times.   

Additional sink

The material of sinks is chosen depending on the design theme and the purpose that they will be used for. Moreover, you have to consider the level of maintenance you will be able to commit to. There are sink materials from best kitchen companies in Karachi available in a variety of finishes and the price ranges are reasonable as well. Why have one sink when you can two with a double island? 

Dedicated use

Whether there is a single cook in the house or a number of people making meals together it really helps to have dedicated areas for specific tasks. There could be a sink for the dirty dishes or washing the vegetables and fruits. The other could be used for straining rice and pasta while making the main course. Similarly, a small stove could be employed for dessert and starters leaving the larger one for the main course.

Organize traffic

Those living in joint families understand the struggle of multiple people being busy in a kitchen at the same time. Sometimes family members who have restricted diets have their meals prepared separately. This causes chaos and leads to mistakes in cooking that can be avoided by having a double island. Having an agreement over who should use which island keeps things running smoothly on a daily basis. The kitchen supplies in Karachi that you buy monthly may also be stored underneath these islands.  

Efficient cooking

Overall, a double island creates a lot of ease for the people responsible for meal preparation in the household. You can not only cook meals using separate areas for various stages but also serve the meal at one of these islands. This is especially beneficial for busy mornings involving children who have to be supervised. Consult the experts at the kitchen shops in Karachi to learn more about the styles of double islands available.

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