Commit to Retro Kitchen Designs

modern style of interior décor will remain a staple but if you are a fan of the old days, retro is ideal for you. There are many cool products available from the leading kitchens manufacturers in Karachi that you may purchase to achieve the memorable retro affect. What items you choose depends on the era that you love the most. There are a number of elements which can be seen in the best kitchens in Karachi that show off the retro style.

Checkered Patterns

Remember the classic black and white diamond or square floor tiles in the old movies? They will fit beautifully in your retro style kitchen. Pair it up with some bright colors that you generally see in the most popular décor of the 70s, 80s or 90s. These may include light yet bright shades to keep the theme more toned down which would make it easy to work with. Since the floor is black and white you won’t have to worry about it clashing with other colors that you may wish to add during the renovation of kitchen in Karachi. Checkered patterns are not just meant for the floors but also other things such as your table cloth, mats, curtains and more. You can experiment more freely when it comes to these spots.

Two-toned theme

While contemporary designs based on offerings from the best kitchen companies in Karachi are more about chic colors retro style lovers rejoice in pairing colors that look quirky. Think about pinks and purples blended in with greens or blues. The point of this concept is not to create contrast but add fun to the appearance of your kitchen with a greater variety of colors. This is an opportunity to welcome a signature color palette from your favorite art piece or TV series. Literally anything in the kitchen can be used to contribute to your selected color palette from the spice jars to the chimney hood. Look for curtains, countertops, pans, utensils, dinnerware, tea sets, chairs/ stools and wallpaper from reliable kitchen shops in Karachi for this purpose.

Colorful Cabinets and Appliances

Pastel tones combined with bright hues or bold colors contrasted with steel appliances stand out in retro kitchens. It is completely up to you whether you want to keep your electronics plain to change the look in a couple of years or dedicate to this style fully with colorful appliances. Regardless, there are several methods to make such purchases fit in other décor ideas. Take a fresh color like lime green, sunflower yellow or tangerine to create an impact with steel appliances from refrigerators and stoves to ovens. These larger elements will prevent the bright color from totally taking over your retro kitchen that would ruin the delicate balance. Check out the latest kitchen supplies in Karachi to find great investments according to your personal requirements. Alternatively, you could develop contrast with bright cabinets and neutral countertops. Marble is a good choice or you could go with wooden ones depending on the way you normally use countertops.

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