Comeback of Terrazzo in Kitchen Design

Terrazzo was one of the most popular trends of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It later made a huge comeback in the 1980’s. People who grew up during these years witnessing the renovation of kitchen in Karachi must be familiar with Terrazzo. Since Pakistanis love fancy patterns, this tile style was all the rage in the 1980’s. Even now, you can see it in older homes which have not undergone extensive adjustments. Owing to its unique attributes, Terrazzo has a special place in the best kitchens in Karachi built during these decades.

Will the impact of Terrazzo in 2019 be as big as it was in the 1980’s? Only time will tell. What we do know is that fashion and beauty trends of this era came back with a bang in the 2010’s. Perhaps we will see this beloved style lighting up our lives again as it did in our childhood memories. Check out the variety next time you shop for kitchen supplies in Karachi. There’s no denying the pull it has on public as attested by the leading kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. Considering how much sentiment has been invested in Terrazzo, it’s safe to say that it will not disappear quietly in 2019.  

You may be surprised to learn that this style was not born in Italy as many think but traces of Terrazzo have been discovered in the remnants of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. From there it spread to other parts of the world including Turkey and eventually, the best kitchen companies in Karachi. It is not to be confused with mosaic since it has a different concept behind it. Mosaic is created by pieces of stone set together in a predetermined pattern. That is clear to the untrained eye from afar as well.

The production and installation of Terrazzo has evolved with time as better alternatives were presented. Overtime, the qualities and variety of this stunning style have only improved. Thanks to technological innovations, it became more affordable for the common man otherwise, it was originally quite expensive. Basically, small pieces of stone are added to a mortar base and dividers are responsible for separating the different colored mixtures in order to create various patterns. Cement and polymers are used for binding. Once it has been cured, it is ground, polished and sealed. It is important to note that the binding determines where it may be installed. Epoxy-based terrazzo cannot be used outdoors since it may fade and peel due to the exposure to the elements. Cement-based terrazzo is much more suitable for this purpose.

As you will notice in the kitchen shops in Karachi, Terrazzo is a playful element that brings together the old and new. It is ideal for the modern yet classic kitchen of 2019. Even if you keep things simple, neutral colored Terrazzo will suit your taste. Terrazzo countertops and floors can change the whole vibe of your kitchen. It is durable and does not have the disadvantages of other kinds of materials made from natural stone.    

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