Ceramic Alternatives for Kitchen Floors

The heat has finally left us allowing cooler winds to sweep into Pakistan. This means that kitchens manufacturers in Karachi are experiencing the busiest time of the year for them. Many people take advantage of the pleasant weather to plan and carry out the renovation of kitchen in Karachi. If your strategy for this year involves switching floor tiles, you might want to consider ceramic over other materials.

Mimicking hardwood floors

Among the materials available at the most popular kitchen shops in Karachi, hardwood certainly exudes aesthetic appeal especially for a home with a natural theme. However, hardwood can easily get damaged from leaking pipes as water seeps into the tiles rooting them from the core. This can be dangerous as you never know when a rotten board will give away. Unlike ceramic tiles, hardwood floors are easy to scratch so if you have pets, they might not suit you. Let us not forget about possible termite attacks and the fact that hardwood floors demand regular polishing.

Disguised as natural slate

As with most natural materials, slate has unique patterns. As a result, you cannot create an even kitchen floor with just slate if it is has not been mined from the same quarry. Ceramic is synthetic so it does not possess a porous nature. Since slate has high porosity, it can easily absorb liquids resulting in stains. That’s why regular sealing is required to maintain slate. In addition, slate is vulnerable towards cracking and chipping from harsh impact. It is time consuming and difficult to install slate and it needs to be polished from time to time.

Better than brick flooring

You will never see brick in the best kitchens in Karachi for good reason. It may offer a rustic charm but it is quite heavy meaning that it needs proper support underneath for installation. As brick floors are hard and inflexible, they are not recommended for kitchens. It is easy to break things in the kitchen if you drop them and you could get seriously hurt if you fall on a brick floor. Unlike ceramic, bricks are hydrophilic so they absorb water fast promoting the growth of mold.

Affordable marble lookalike

There are several problems associated with marble floors which make ceramic tiles a pleasing alternative for them.  Consult the best kitchen companies in Karachi for ranges of ceramic tiles that seem just like luxurious marble. Acid cannot be allowed to come in contact with marble because it will lose shine and get damaged due to a chemical reaction. It also must remain polished otherwise it can turn yellow. Marble is brittle so it is prone to cracks and requires resin for better structure. Also, it is highly porous and gets stained easily hence sealing is needed regularly. Its heavy weight makes installation tough and pricey.

Custom cut tiles for floors

It is not just design and durability that sets ceramic apart from other flooring materials. While browsing kitchen supplies in Karachi, ask experts about the wonderful properties of ceramic which make it a great choice for floors. Not only is it water resistant but it also doesn’t need sealing or polishing. It is durable and may be simply replaced in case of a major accident. It is not just low maintenance but affordable as well. Ceramic doesn’t hold on to allergens so it’s not a health hazard like other materials.


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