Broken Plan Living in 2019

Growing prices for basic living expenses has made it tougher to plan and carry out the renovation of kitchen in Karachi. However, recent interior design trends have adapted to higher costs of materials and real estate. This era is all about multifunctional spaces that reduce the need for large plots of land or multiple stories. Leading kitchens manufacturers in Karachi are excited by the trend of broken plan living that has risen rapidly this year.

You are familiar with open plan kitchens that don’t have doors but flow into another part of the house seamlessly. The elements that separate them are often chosen for their ability to offer high contrast in terms of color, material and design. That being said, the two areas are still part of one house so they cannot be too different. Sometimes, the two areas are connected by the extension of the kitchen pantry or cabinets. In other cases, similar lighting or decorative elements may be incorporated into both of them.   

The concept of broken plan living follows an advanced form of open plan kitchens. Looking at the best kitchens in Karachi, you will notice that they stand out for their superior use of the space available no matter how small the size. You might recall how a studio apartment has separations with designated areas for various functions. Broken plan living focuses on structure instead of colors or textures. Harmony is essential. You cannot paint one wall a different color and assume that it has been separated. The division has to be physical and based on the function of that particular zone as explained by the best kitchen companies in Karachi.

If you are wondering how zoning is executed in broken plan living, think of wall like structures such as the screens in traditional Japanese homes. You may erect glass walls around an area to make sure that light continues to flood it reducing the need for brighter artificial lighting. Another benefit is the feeling of openness that comes with lack of obstruction. As long as you can see the outside, it doesn’t matter that there is a thin wall in between the zones. You may also wish to consider half walls that serve to show a clear division without blocking much of the air and light. Bookshelves can be a great help especially if you are an avid reader. Bonus points if the bookshelf is mobile or has movable parts which may be used to alter the layout depending on your preferences.

Mezzanines may be tricky so leave them to the professionals. Instead, check out kitchen shops in Karachi to find ways to fill up that space in practical ways. It’s nice to have a relaxing spot where you can entertain your guests. These are partial floors that define separation by distinct depths. You may link your dining area and living room in this manner. Look for kitchen supplies in Karachi that will blend the two together while maintaining unique identities for broken plan living.

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