kitchen is the heart of your home

Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

In homes kitchen wears the hat of magnetic attraction. With it’s evoking designs it is these days the heart of most of our homes. Kitchen is the centre of the house where whole family congregate. Its original purpose is to provide a place to enjoy good food with family and friends. Below are reasons discussed that explain why your kitchen is the heart of your home.

Kitchen is a placefor fun family activities. Here families together learn cooking and baking by alsostrengthening theirbonding. With this bonding they get an opportunity to get a little messy, create new things and learn new recipes.Empty stomach takes you to the kitchen. With a table in the middle, kitchen is an ideal place to sit back, relax and fill your empty stomach. This company is really enjoyed by humans.

Kitchens require great investment because they shape your homes. When it is time to sale your home, kitchen is the room that adds value to your home. If still you are not willing to invest a handsome amount, kitchen is the only room where if you give little touch ups it transforms the mood. By not looking to renovate the entire kitchen, small upgrades can go a long way. Changing the cabinets or countertops can significantly work.

Concluding, kitchen with its great importance always remains a vital part of childhood memories. Together, here moments are created and  children listen the family old stories and learn which are passed on the next generation.

buying a kitchen

Points to ponder while buying a Kitchen

The devil is in the details. So tempting the customers by just providing fancy kitchens is neither sufficient nor our goal. There are numerous aspects one has to take into account when it comes to planning and installing a kitchen. But the outcome of meticulous attention to details is client satisfaction and consequential customer referrals.

Regardless of, if your plan is to make a new kitchen in your existing home or in a new construction, our guidance will prove to be valuable to buy an ideal kitchen.

An ideal kitchen comprises of two features, one is beauty and the other is durability. Typically when people decide on the kitchen for their homes, they merely got attracted by looks and don’t pay much attention to the quality factor that leads to less durability.

Choosing right things for your kitchen is a decision of great value, as it’s a home fixture that will last you a long time. So, let’s make certain you get it right the very first time. And as a rule of thumb, in this decision beauty and durability goes hand in hand.

Here, we are providing you some details that will work as a guideline for selecting an ideal kitchen for you:

First we catch sight of the outer look so it should be flawless. No matter if it is matt or gloss but in either case it must be repairable. In market there are a number of materials available that are commonly used for the outer surface. Some of these are reparable while others are irreparable.

Wood P.V.C
Polyester coating Acrylic

High quality inner finish is as essential as the outer finish. We recommend that the inside material of your kitchen should be Laminated M.D.F. and if you can afford then you can select some water proof materials like P.V.C foam board and W.P.C too which are now available in market but these are quite expensive.

Kitchen hardware is of prime importance. All hardware including kitchen hinges, drawer channels and top lifted mechanism etc should be of superior quality. In Pakistan there is a usual misconception that spring loaded hinges are not suitable for kitchens but quite the opposite there are numerous types of spring loaded hinges available in market that prove to be best to use in kitchens.

Selecting the right granite countertop color is ultimately a long-lasting decision. Natural granite is a very durable surface so we recommend selecting a natural granite countertop preferably in some dark color because it is non-porous and does not absorb water or other liquid materials.

Our observation is that the most problematic area of your kitchen is sink area, especially in Pakistan, therefore it must be provided with built-in and attach-clips from sides. In addition, you must demand to tighten the clips at the time of its fixing because leakage water from the sides of sink can cause the damage of the entire sink unit.

All of your appliances should be in best quality. For instance your Hob should be wide enough and should be placed at a maximum distance between the burners so that while cooking you could keep maximum and big size of pans.

In case of Oven we recommend a gas oven in preference to an electric oven for the reason that its consumption is economical. Moreover mostly people like taste of meals which cooked on gas rather than electric.

Your Exhaust hood (extractor) should be wider and its blower in metal and under the hood filters should be wider because in our culture foods are so greasy and oily t hat if filters will be narrow then grease can choke the filters.

Your appliances should be of a branded and well known company and its mechanism should be of supreme quality ensuring smooth and trouble-free running.

best Kitchen Design Tips

Best Kitchen Design Tips

Designing the best kitchen for your house is a big hectic, here we have shared a few tips that will help you a lot in your kitchen designing process.

  • Safety

Put safety as your first priority when starting the kitchen designing process; make your kitchen family-friendly and safe as much as possible.

Plan such a design for your kitchen so that you can have a good view of backyard as well as children indoor play area from cooking area.

Always go for slip-resistant flooring and rounded counter tops. Fix ovens at such a height that only adults could reach it, in order to prevent accidental burns.

  • Storage

To utilize as much space as possible, go for designing deep drawers to have easier access to pans and utensils. More over deep drawers will also hide appliances that would otherwise occupy space on your countertops giving your kitchen a messy look.

Consider designing cabinets up to the height of ceiling, it will create maximum storage and will prevent collection of dust and un-needed accessories on cabinet tops.

  • Color and Ventilation

If you are designing a small sized kitchen choose light colors for flooring, ceiling and walls of your kitchen. Light color will give your kitchen a wider look.

Take proper measures for ventilation, choose a good extractor hood to remove airborne grease, odors and steam from air. Buy one that is efficient and appropriate for your kitchen.

  • Power sources

Plan such a design for your kitchen having appropriate power sources available, so if in future you want to install or bring new appliances you don’t have to face power source issues.

  • Light

Fit windows of your kitchen at such places that you can take maximum benefit of day light. Moreover take into consideration that light must fall in front of you not behind you casting a shadow on your workspace.

  • Garbage and recycling

Time has gone when simply used to stick a bin under the sink. Plan good built-in bins smartly hidden behind a cabinet door.



The best designs are a combination of storage, function, and aesthetics. “Awesome Kitchens” always keep these tips in mind when designing kitchens for its clients. Feel free to contact us to get your kitchen designed by us. Currently we are providing services only to Karachi locals.




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kitchen designing in pakistan

Kitchen is the most important part of your home. Therefore we say “kitchen is the heart of your home”.

If you are intending a kitchen design then these following steps help you for kitchen designing in pakistan.

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