People often don’t realize how important lighting is to create a certain ambiance. It gets lost somewhere between paint, furniture and flooring and you remodel your home. Lighting can transform the entire look of a room simply with the flip of a switch. Karachi, being the City of Lights, prides itself on the plethora of lights available for residential and commercial buildings.

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If you are eager to know what kitchen trends would be popular in 2017 than you are at the right place. In this article we will get to know you what would be the hottest kitchen trends in 2017. Hi-tech workstations, Hidden appliances, 80’s glam, Sleek wood paneling are few things that will lead kitchen trends in 2017. Here you can have a look at kitchen design trends for coming New Year.

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If you are going to remodel your kitchen there are several things you need to consider. Look for ways that will help to recycle old materials to save your money as well.

Here we have shared some tips that will help you in your remodeling project.

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Ideas for Small Kitchens

In compact homes small kitchens are more common; moreover they are also popular in contemporary and modern homes. There are several things you need to consider when finding out small kitchen ideas. When you have limited space then you need to plan smartly, you need to utilize maximum possible space in efficient manner to give your kitchen a broad and appealing look.First thing you should consider is layout of your kitchen. When considering layout try to optimize space as much as possible. Focus on functionality, try to create functional and beautiful kitchen that best suits your needs. Galley layout can be a good option for small kitchen remodeling.

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Kitchen Maintenance Tips

Kitchen Maintenance Tips


Kitchen is the hub of the home. It is the place where friends and families gather to eat and chat with each other. You invest a heavy amount of money to design a beautiful kitchen for your home but all this money will go into waste if you are unable to maintain your kitchen. In this article we have shared some tips that will help you to maintain your kitchen.

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kitchen cabinets measurement

Kitchen Cabinets Measurement and Layouts


In kitchen construction and remodeling projects, cabinets take majority of your space and budget. For good and outstanding finish of your kitchen, measurements matter a lot!!!

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kitchen design mistakes

Kitchen design mistakes that you should avoid


Kitchen is a fundamental element of your home and it needs to be beautiful as well as functional. Here we are sharing some mistake that you should avoid when planning your kitchen design.

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Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Design Wisely


Kitchen construction is the most hectic and time consuming part during house construction project. But it’s the kitchen design that also adds aesthetic and sales value to your house as well, so it’s good to decide earlier that what deign and accessories you want to have in your kitchen. Kitchen Cabinets are the main part that can make or break kitchen style and functionality. Choosing right cabinetry design would add much to your kitchen value and functionality. Here we are sharing some cabinet designs and tips that you can consider for your kitchen: Read More

magnificent makeover

Awesome kitchens will give your kitchen a magnificent makeover


Kitchen is the main and most important part of home, where ladies spent most of their time. But if your kitchen is having broken or cracked tiles, old and flaking counter tops, broken cabinet doors, missing pulls  and old fashioned appliances, then you would not enjoy cooking in your kitchen anymore and it’s time to renovate. Summer is here and it’s the best time to renovate your kitchen and give your kitchen an entirely new beautiful look.

Here we are sharing some tips to consider for your kitchen renovation project:

  • Make list of your kitchen renovation priorities.
  • Plan your budget.
  • Before starting kitchen makeover project do a thorough research. Read magazines, visit showrooms to find out what will best suit your kitchen and to have an idea of cost of items that would suit your budget.
  • Always add an extra 10% to your budget for unexpected expenses.
  • Avoid buying unnecessary items. Always go for the items that you know you’ll use and it’s worth spending money on them.
  • Go for solutions that will give your small kitchen more storage space, like add features such as pullout trays in your kitchen cabinets.
  • Consider adding counter depth refrigerator to save space and to give your kitchen a nice clean look.
  • Repaint kitchen walls with fresh and cool colors, moreover you can also change color or hardware of cabinets to give your kitchen an entirely fresh look.
  • Energy saving can also be a goal for kitchen renovation. Go for solar based and energy saving appliances such as solar water heaters to save a handsome amount of money from your utility bill.
  • Find a corner in your kitchen and fit the plant hanger over there. Moreover you can also put a nice plant at side of your counter top. Plants purify air and give nice fresh look to kitchen.
  • Considering adding some new lights or LED’s to highlight architectural features and give your kitchen a new dramatic look.

Awesome kitchen is a Karachi based company that deals with best and finest kitchen products & services. So if you are planning to give a new look to your kitchen, just give us a call and our experienced staff will offer excellent and budget friendly solutions and services for your kitchen makeover project.