Fading Trend of Granite in Kitchens 2019

Lately, there has been a rise in the use of natural materials or their lookalikes as reported by popular kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. It may come as a surprise to you but the trend of granite countertops has been dwindling down in recent months. People are more interested in lighter cheaper materials that are easier to mold to their liking and blend into existing color schemes. There are several reasons why granite has been overshadowed by alternatives that are steeply gaining ground in the market. Let us take a look at the disadvantages of granite as explained by the best kitchen companies in Karachi.


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Broken Plan Living in 2019

Growing prices for basic living expenses has made it tougher to plan and carry out the renovation of kitchen in Karachi. However, recent interior design trends have adapted to higher costs of materials and real estate. This era is all about multifunctional spaces that reduce the need for large plots of land or multiple stories. Leading kitchens manufacturers in Karachi are excited by the trend of broken plan living that has risen rapidly this year.

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Trend Alert 2019: Expanding Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

Spring has arrived! The birds are cheerfully chirping as the sun blesses us with its warmth and life returns. Are you in the mood for the renovation of kitchen in Karachi? Now is the perfect time to get started with any modification plans because the weather will get unbearably hot with the passing months. So, what’s new in kitchen trends this year? Some of the best kitchen companies in Karachi are focusing on backsplash designs nowadays. However, it’s not quite like it used to be with a small patch of colorful tiles near your stove. In 2019, we are thinking big! Backsplashes are currently being installed all the way up to the ceiling and even horizontally to cover the entire wall.

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What Makes Dutch Doors Special?

There are times when you wish to step of the box and get away from the conventions of your culture. Just because something did not originate from your region does not mean that it will not fit within your home. To avoid a possible clash, kitchens manufacturers in Karachi suggest taking pictures of your existing space to check where your foreign element would slide in. People have the misconception that aspects of foreign design like Dutch doors only look good in contemporary settings. If you browse popular kitchen shops in Karachi, you will realize that many of the items you see everyday go well with this style.

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Trend Alert 2019: Bespoke Kitchen Storage

There was a time when consumers did not have a lot of choice from kitchens manufacturers in Karachi because there were rigid standards and trends. Thanks to extensive research into material and exploration into design, the best kitchens in Karachi are those with the custom touch. Why shouldn’t you get everything that you desire when you are the one spending money? Ever since businesses have adopted a customer-centered style of product development, bespoke storage has become more popular in kitchens.

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Kitchen Lighting Trends 2019

In Pakistan, there have been a couple of rainy days that lowered the temperature but the end of winter is near. As expected, the renovation of kitchen in Karachi is in full swing as people aim to finish tasks related to construction and décor before the heat interferes. The finishing touches to any kitchen involve the addition of appliances, shifting of furniture and installation of lighting. Lately, there has been an upsurge in the attention towards lighting fixtures in Pakistan. People have started to see the real potential of this element in interior design.

This shift could not have come at a better time because creativity is thriving among the designers of the best kitchen companies in Karachi. There is a wide range of styles that you can choose to light up your spaces with. Previously, fancy lighting was reserved for the drawing rooms but style has made its way into the common man’s kitchen. If you want a change in mood for your kitchen but are worried about expenses, simply swap that basic bulb with something trendy.  

When we talk about mood, kitchens manufacturers in Karachi have confirmed that warm toned lights have been gaining popularity lately. No matter the style, cold and clinical lighting is no longer found desirable. This does not mean that you have to spend money on those bulbs that waste heat energy and posses small lifetimes. There has been plenty of innovation in light energy leading to the production of convenient devices that offer savings on your monthly bills.    

The highlight of the best kitchens in Karachi is the way function is blended with aesthetics. Professional interior designers always stress on the need for both practicality and visual delight. As a result, the sales of flush mount ceiling lights have risen. Most kitchen shops in Karachi offer various styles of flush mount lights. They are perfect for low ceilings and small kitchens. If you have kids at home, they can get injured or damage pendant lamps. Flush mount lights leave no chance of that for curious children. It’s easy to light up any space without worrying about size.

You may also use flush mount designs for brightening your countertops but under-cabinet style might be more preferable for people. These LED designs are created to increase visibility of the countertops underneath your cabinets. They are often slim and easily controlled with an accessible switch. For islands, you might want a row of joint pendant lights and sleek modern chandeliers look beautiful over all kitchen tables.

The good old tube light fixture is ideal for larger kitchens or lighting up work areas that you need the most illumination over. There are several attractive designs that you may browse among      kitchen supplies in Karachi. Since they are not dropping down, they are fine for low ceilings and small kitchens as well. Track lighting is similar but a lot more creative than plain tube light fixtures. You can use them to make a statement or match your décor. 

Trend Alert: Colored Upholstery in Kitchens

Sunny days don’t come as frequently in winter so even the best kitchens in Karachi can appear a tad dull and boring. Are you looking to spice up your kitchen design this season? There are quite a few elements that you can target to bring about a major difference. Kitchens manufacturers in Karachi suggest that you maintain your focus on a single aspect to avoid clashing of ideas. As a result, the cohesion of your design theme may be lost in the ensuing chaos. This happens all too often with amateurs during the renovation of kitchen in Karachi.  

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Understated Gray Shades in Kitchen Hardware

Winter is in full swing with frequent rainfall in the plains and snowfall in the mountains. The people of Karachi are relieved because of the cool breeze as well. Does the weather reflect the mood in the renovation of kitchen in Karachi? Apparently, the answer is yes! The seasons are a major source of inspiration particularly due to practical considerations when it comes to designing the best kitchens in Karachi. While we have had some lovely sunny days this winter, it’s often cloudy all over the country. What does that remind you of? Grays!

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Heat Resistance of Quartz Countertops

Breezing into 2019, natural stone remains a hot trend for renovation of kitchen in Karachi especially as a versatile material for countertops. However, can natural stone take the heat? We have granite, marble, quartz, etc. each with its own unique properties and advantages. Before you go browsing kitchen shops in Karachi to find suitable countertop materials, check how well that natural stone resists heat.

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How to Clean Stone Surfaces in Kitchens

There has been a shift towards natural stone and green building materials reported by famous kitchens manufacturers in Karachi. Although it is an international kitchen design trend for 2019, Pakistan was quick to catch up with it. That’s not surprising since natural stone tends to work well with long summer months in countries near the equator. You may incorporate building materials based on natural stone in your countertops, backsplashes and floors. 


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