6 Cheap Ways to Transform your Kitchen

Many people hesitate before beginning the renovation of kitchen in Karachi because the idea that transforming a kitchen is expensive has been deeply ingrained in our minds. The reality is quite different because most people don’t renovate kitchens from the ground up unless absolutely necessary. There are plenty of cheap methods to change the look of your kitchen because you’ve gotten bored, the season is changing or you think it is too dull.

Colorful stylish spice rack

Want something practical that adds an interesting touch to your kitchen? Check out the spice racks available from the best kitchen companies in Karachi. While those little plastic containers may be useful, they are not the most attractive part of your kitchen. Think about green reusable materials but spice things up with different colors, textures and structures. Consider the space available on your pantry before buying a rack.

Hooks for hanging essentials

Anything that helps you save space and make good use of the existing space is a win. You’ll have noticed that the best kitchens in Karachi have smart ways of utilizing space and even store things in the open. You can install hooks all over your kitchen for example, at the bottom of your upper cabinets or on an empty patch of wall. You can display your pots, pans and ladles on these hooks and save on storage at the same time.

Fancy kitchen roll holder

Every kitchen needs a kitchen roll but where do you put it? Of course, it has to be within easy reach in case of accidental spills. There are several mechanisms for kitchen rolls which you may choose depending on your preferences. However, have you ever thought about making a style statement with your kitchen roll holder? You don’t have to select an antique style either. There are plenty of understated pieces that include wood, natural stone and marble.

Attention grabbing centerpiece

Whether you are thinking about a centerpiece for your kitchen table or island, the impact can be major. In fact, this is the easiest way to go about changing the look of your kitchen that doesn’t demand a ton of money. You could create a centerpiece based on your design theme or the current season. Using dried leaves in fiery colors and pumpkins would be ideal for autumn for instance. If you cannot set your mind on anything special, even a nice arrangement of flowers or fruits will do the trick.

Lay attractive kitchen rugs

Since it’s going to be winter soon, it’s a great time to add some warmth to your kitchen in the form of rugs. Not only do they look warm but they also protect you from the cold kitchen floor. In addition, soft materials will save your feet from aching if you have chosen a hard material for your kitchen flooring. Browse available rugs at carpet stores and kitchen shops in Karachi to settle on a suitable size and design.

Add greenery with plant pots

There’s nothing like a little peek of nature to refresh your mind and spirit. This is something interior designers and kitchens manufacturers in Karachi equally agree on. Plants come in a wide range of species and you can always select the pot style that fits your theme best. If you were not born with a green thumb, go with low maintenance plants like cacti. For those who live flowers, it would be good to buy perennial flower species.


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